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Ant Identification & Prevention

What are ants?

Social insects that live together in large groups, ants are challenging to keep away from our yards and homes. Not only do ants live outside all around us, but their ability to work together like a machine and exceptional communication skills are unique. Eliminating ants from your home is tricky once they find somewhere they want to be.

Most homeowners know an ant when they see one, but determining the exact species can be a bit more complicated. In our region, we have three species of ants that regularly find their way onto our Anderson properties: the house ant, fire ant, and sugar ant. A brief description of each is listed below.

  • Fire ants are reddish-brown ants that deliver painful, fiery bites as a means of defense. These ants are small and angry, and you should never underestimate them.
  • Odorous house ants are small black or brown ants primarily identified by the unpleasant odor they create when squished.
  • Sugar ants are tiny black ants that regularly find their way into our homes searching for sugary foods to fill their bellies with and bring back to the nest.

To determine what type of ant has found its way to your Anderson property, reach out to us at Priority Pest And Contracting, Inc. We will help you learn about ants in Anderson.

Are ants dangerous?

There are dangerous ants. The most problematic ants in our area are fire ants. Their venom-filled stings can trigger serious allergic reactions in people. In addition, no one can enjoy their outdoor space when constantly fearing that they are a step away from being attacked by angry ants.

The good news is that most ants regularly finding their way into our Anderson homes are more of a nuisance than a danger. However, that doesn't mean we should happily share our homes with these insects. On their bodies and legs, ants carry a variety of bacteria that contaminate food and surfaces inside our homes. It's best to take action immediately when you discover ants in your home.

Why do I have an ant problem?

Many things in and around our Anderson homes will attract ants to our properties. The most common attractant is access to food like open trash cans, pet food, gardens, outdoor eating areas, food on counters, and crumbs behind appliances. Excess water caused by leaky pipes, clogged gutters, and poor ventilation also lures ants.

If ants nest out in your yard or surrounding outdoor spaces, they will eventually find their way into your home while foraging for food, water sources, and sometimes nesting sites.

Where will I find ants?

Most ants like to nest outside and are only in our homes foraging for food. Some of their most common outdoor nesting sites include the damp soil under landscaping ties, rocks, woodpiles, and fallen trees. Other ants, like fire ants, like to nest in open sunny areas making our grassy yards their preferred nesting site.

Fire ants won't typically nest inside man-made structures like houses, but other types won't hesitate. Ants move indoors to expand their colony near food sources or to escape unsuitable weather conditions outside. Wall voids, crawl spaces, structural wood, and attics are common ant nesting sites.

How do I get rid of ants?

We don't blame you if you are tired of seeing ants in and around your home. Ants are persistent pests with no shame in entering where they don't belong. To rid your South Carolina home of ants and keep them out, partner with Priority Pest And Contracting, Inc. With our targeted fire ant control service or our general home pest control solution, we will eliminate the ants that have found their way to your Anderson property.

We support your effort to maintain a home free of pesky or dangerous ants and other common household pests. To learn more about our residential and commercial ant control solutions, please call today!

How can I prevent ants in the future?

Use the following ant prevention tips to stop these insects from making your Anderson property into their home.

  • Reduce food odors that attract ants to your property. Keep lids on trash cans and recycling bins, and keep outdoor eating areas free of leftover food.
  • Regularly harvest garden areas.
  • Eliminate excess moisture in and around your home by repairing leaky pipes and ensuring gutters and ventilation systems are in good working order.
  • Maintain your lawn and cut back vegetation from your home's exterior.
  • Regularly check your home's exterior from foundation to roof and repair any holes or other defects you discover.

The above tips and our effective home pest control offerings are the best ways to keep ants out of your Anderson home. To learn more about Anderson, SC ant control, call today!

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