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Greenwood, SC Pest Control

Reliable Pest Control In Greenwood, SC

Greenwood is known as one of South Carolina’s most beautiful and welcoming places to live. It’s home to educational institutions, museums and historic sites, local breweries, walking paths, and safe neighborhoods that make Greenwood the perfect place for educators, working professionals, and growing families. Pest problems develop in local homes and businesses for a variety of reasons and whether they’re a mere nuisance or pose a more serious risk, there’s nothing more important than professional assistance from Priority Pest and Contracting.

We’ve been bringing customers reliable Greenwood County pest control since 2008 and as a locally owned family business, there’s nothing more important to us than keeping our community safe. We always offer fair and honest work and will never sell you services that you don’t need. All of our work is guided by Integrated Pest Management methods, which means that we work toward longevity, limit our use of chemical applications, and provide the education that you need to further limit your exposure to pests. For more information on our pest control programs, please contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Greenwood

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When you live in Greenwood, there are many different types of pest problems that you can encounter, but when you work with Priority Pest and Contracting, that doesn’t have to be the case. We are a locally owned, family-operated business, so we take both your safety and satisfaction very seriously. This means that we customize each service you receive and follow the Integrated Pest Management approach.

Once we’ve determined the types of pests that are either currently invading your property or that could develop, we’ll make structural modifications, apply safe products, and provide you with the education you need to further limit pest attraction. We typically recommend quarterly exterior maintenance so that we can stay ahead of pests but we can perform interior spot treatments if necessary.

For more information on our residential pest control services in Greenwood and how they can keep your household protected from pests, contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Greenwood

Pest problems are very common for Greenwood businesses, but they have the ability to bring about dangerous conditions for people’s health as well as the structural integrity of buildings themselves. At Priority Pest and Contracting, we work to prevent this from being the case. Our family-owned business has been caring for our neighbors by providing unparalleled pest control services.

When you partner with us, you’ll benefit from our vast local experience, commitment to your satisfaction, and our ability to provide lasting pest-free results for you. We’ll customize a treatment plan to your needs based on a thorough property evaluation and the principles of Integrated Pest Management. In addition to our generalized services, we provide moisture control, termite removal, and mosquito treatment services.

To learn more about how our commercial pest control services in Greenwood can protect your business, please contact us today. 

Are Fire Ants In Greenwood Dangerous?

Fire ants are easy to spot because of the fiery coloring that gives them their name. They build mounds above ground that they use to gain initial entrance beneath the earth, where they built their colonies. These ants are attracted to greasy foods or sweets that they can find very easily. If Greenwood residents encounter these mounds and provoke them or the ants feel threatened, they will attack. The result of being stung by a fire ant can include bodily swelling, low blood pressure, nausea, fever, and in the worst cases, anaphylaxis. These types of issues are particularly dangerous for children and pets because of the scope of the allergic reactions that they present. They are also most prevalent in the summertime.

At Priority Pest and Contracting, we provide homeowners with fire ant control in Greenwood that works to prevent any health risks. We follow an integrated approach to prioritize mechanical modifications and small habit changes over pesticide applications. For more information on these services, please contact us today.

Why Professional Mosquito Control For Your Greenwood Yard Is A Good Idea

Mosquitoes are feisty pests that come out when the temperatures and moisture levels begin to rise. For Greenwood residents, this represents a significant part of the year, which is only one of the many reasons why professional mosquito control is so necessary. Mosquitoes are trouble for reasons beyond their seasonal occurrence; they also appear because of the conditions that your yard may provide. Things like standing water, shady areas, and yard debris all lure mosquitoes and provide them with the conditions that they need to breed and live. While you might try to curb the appearance of these areas, it takes meticulous maintenance that still won’t guarantee that mosquitoes won’t be an issue.

Another key reason why professional assistance is so key is that they are attracted to the mere presence of people, and there are a number of factors that make people appealing. Genetics are responsible for approximately 85% of the variability as to whether or not mosquitoes are attracted to someone.

With Greenwood mosquito control treatments from Priority Pest and Contracting, you don’t have to worry about the factors that are out of your control, contact us today for more information. 

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