Struggling With A High Wasp Population Around Your Anderson Home?


Wasps are those stinging insects you do not want on your property as they are both invasive and aggressive. If you suspect that wasps have settled on your property, now is the time to learn the typical dynamics of wasp nests, find out if your trees might be attracting them, and discover what you can do about wasps inside your home. If you are struggling with a wasp infestation, Priority Pest And Contracting, Inc. provides pest control in Anderson to help you get rid of them safely.

What Are The Typical Dynamics Of Wasp Nests?

If you have spotted wasps on your property, keep reading to learn more about the typical dynamics of wasp nests:

  • Wasps will usually build nests in tree cavities and abandoned buildings.

  • The queen starts a new nest every spring.

  • Laborer wasps bring back food to the nest to feed the queen, who lays the eggs.

  • Most members will die in the winter and those that do not start a new cycle when the weather warms.

  • Wasps never reuse old nests. Instead, wasps prefer to build nests in tree cavities, secluded corners, attics, and more.

 If wasps have built a nest on your property, do not try to remove it yourself, as they are likely to attack you if they feel threatened. For advice on the best way to get rid of a wasp nest, reach out to a pest control professional. Priority Pest And Contracting provides reliable wasp nest removal in Anderson.

Are Wasps Attracted To The Trees On My Lawn?

There are many reasons the trees on your lawn might attract various types of wasps, such as:

  • Your trees provide an easily accessible space for wasps to build their nest. While wasps will not reuse old nests, they often look for similar cavities in tree trunks.

  • Your trees are near various factors that can attract wasps like water sources and food; wasps usually feed on fruit and feed their young insects like caterpillars and flies.

  • Aphids have infested your trees, which leave a sugary trail that attracts wasps. Treating the tree can help get rid of wasps.

If wasps have settled on your property, it might be for many reasons. A pest control professional can help you determine why these stinging insects have invaded and what you can do for effective wasp prevention.

What To Do About A Wasp Inside My Home?

If wasps are inside your home, you likely have a wasp nest on your property, maybe even your home's structure. You can recognize a wasp nest by its shape, which resembles an upside-down umbrella made of natural materials. Some wasps, like paper wasps, also build open nests with visible combs. If wasps are in your home, try opening your windows wide and requesting spray and trap recommendations from a pest control professional. However, opening windows may bring more wasps indoors, depending on the nest's location.

Wasp Control Made Easy For Anderson Residents

Getting rid of wasps can be dangerous as they readily attack when threatened. If you have wasps in your home or property, contact us today to schedule an inspection.

When it comes to residential or commercial wasp removal, it is best to play it safe and work with trained experts with the knowledge you need to eliminate your infestation. If you are struggling with a wasp issue, Priority Pest And Contracting, Inc. can help you with safe elimination.