Why Mosquito Control Is Important For Anderson Homeowners


Have you ever dealt with a mosquito bite? Chances are that you have encountered these annoying insects at some point, as most people have. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are relatively invasive, and when they are around, they seem impossible to deal with. Mosquitoes are also extremely dangerous as they can spread many diseases, so it's important to understand how to get mosquito control for your home. This guide provides the information you need about Anderson, SC pest control for mosquitoes.

Why Mosquitoes Are In Your Yard

Mosquitoes are pests that are active in the warmer months. In some areas, they are more common throughout the year, but for Anderson, they are most prevalent in the summertime. Mosquitoes are attracted to areas near standing water as this is where they lay their eggs. They also prefer overgrown shrubs and vegetation as they will rest in the shade of leaves during the day. However, keep in mind that only the female mosquitoes bite as they need the extra protein to lay eggs.

Living near bodies of water like lakes or ponds can attract mosquitoes to your area, but you could also be drawing them if you have standing water in your yard. Overall, getting mosquito control on your own can be challenging, but options are available.

The Problem With Mosquitoes

Mosquito bites are definitely annoying. They leave you scratching for days after an incident, leading to inflammation and sometimes even secondary infections. However, the real reason mosquito bites are so dangerous is the many diseases these pests can spread. They can transmit malaria, West Nile, Zika, and more. While not all of these illnesses are common in our area, mosquitoes can still pose a risk, so it's better to remain cautious.

How To Reduce Mosquitoes Around Your Yard

Many people try to use products such as insect repellents or candles to remove mosquitoes, but these items mainly reduce the chances of being bitten. They can be a temporary solution, but they aren't going to eradicate mosquitoes from around your property. The best way to reduce the number of mosquitoes is to contact Priority Pest And Contracting, Inc. for ongoing mosquito control. However, there are a few steps you can take on your own to make your property less appealing to mosquitoes, such as:

  • Make sure that hot tubs, pools, and other water features are kept clean and use cycled water.
  • Remove standing water and ensure that rain gutters can drain.
  • Trim trees, bushes, and shrubs regularly to keep mosquitoes from resting on your property during the day.

Benefits To Ongoing Mosquito Control

With assistance from Priority Pest And Contracting, you can trust that you won't have to deal with mosquitoes swarming your yard or finding their way into your house. Mosquitoes are problematic pests to deter without professional assistance, so contacting us today is the best way to keep yourself and others safe from mosquito bites. Learn more about residential or commercial pest control in Anderson by messaging us or giving us a call.