Anderson's Ants Can Be A Real Pain


Data from the Clemson University Home & Garden Information Center indicates that more than 200 ant species exist throughout South Carolina. Two of the most common types of these insects that enter homes include odorous house ants and sugar ants. Although much less commonly found indoors, fire ants are also a prevalent species. 

Ants have a body with a rather durable exoskeleton and three distinct parts or segments: the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. Ants consume an omnivorous diet and have compound eyes and antennae, which allow for strong sensory capabilities. Most species are social creatures that live in large colonies with many others. 

Are you seeking a company that performs professional ant control services near your home? An experienced provider of pest control in Anderson, SC, like Priority Pest & Contracting Inc., understands what gets rid of ants quickly and will explain the best methods how to stop ants from coming into your home.

Does Seeing One Ant In My House Mean I Have An Infestation?

One reason that a somewhat minor ant intrusion will often quickly escalate into a full-blown infestation involves how ants in Anderson communicate with one another. As they travel, ants secrete pheromone chemicals that act as detectable signals for other members of the colony. 

Because of this, it’s always best to remove any residual traces by thoroughly any clean surfaces exposed to ants. Soap and water are enough to erase the trail and keep more from following.

Are House Ants Typically Dangerous?

Ants will contaminate food and may promote salmonellosis, E.coli infection, and several other potential health-related concerns. 

Although the majority of ants found in homes are primarily nuisance pests, fire ants are a unique, more aggressive species. When fire ants perceive danger, they will often respond in droves and sting humans. Fire ants possess venom that usually creates a burning sensation and often leaves the skin itchy and irritated. 

Will An Ant Infestation Go Away On Its Own?

Unfortunately, once ants breach a home's exterior and begin foraging indoors, the infestation will typically worsen—particularly when ample food sources exist. Those experiencing an intrusion should contact a professional home pest control company that will expel ants from the premises. After resolving the ant infestation, homeowners should adopt some of the following preventative measures: 

  • Keep kitchen areas clean by regularly sweeping floors and wiping down all surfaces. 

  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes out in sinks or on countertops overnight. 

  • Always place bags of trash containing food scraps in durable garbage receptacles with functional lids. 

  • Limit exterior points of entry by filling cracks and crevices with a durable sealant, repairing torn window screens, and installing sweeps along entry doors.

The aforementioned tips for preventing ants reflect an overall strategy that limits potential attractants and implements effective exclusionary measures. 

Quality Ant Control For Your Anderson Home

The qualified technicians with Priority Pest & Contracting Inc. know how to identify ants that enter homes and several proven ways how to keep ants out of your Anderson area home. We deploy a comprehensive strategy against ants and similar types of bothersome pests that plague homeowners. For example, we offer an ongoing fire ant prevention and treatment plan that involves regular visits from a trained professional that uses liquids, specialized granular formulas, and other options. 

As a full-service provider in the residential and commercial sectors, we assist clients with concerns involving bed bugs, mosquitoes, rodents, and many other critters. Our team uses many of the latest products and treatment methods, many of which are natural or ecofriendly, that are emerging in the pest control industry. We recognize the importance of ongoing training and education and remain active with organizations such as the South Carolina Pest Control Association (S.C.P.C.A.) and other industry leaders and community or environmental advocates. 

Contact our office today for further information, and keep in mind that same-day response services are often possible.